Attiq Ur Rehman Associates

Attiq ur Rehman & Associates is a full service firm with broad experience in high-rise commercial, residential, academic, restoration and mix-use urban projects.

Attiq ur Rehman & Associates established in Pakistan, Lahore in 2008. The company employs a large number of architects who have extensive experience in the technical development of building design and construction system, who are highly qualified in the management of complex projects.

Every project undertaken by Attiq ur Rehman & Associates is designed personally and directly by the Architect Attiq ur Rehman. All of the resources of the firm and the extensive experience of the firm’s associates are available to assist in the design effort and to carry this effort forward through technical design development and construction administration. The firm relies on the use of Digital Project, a sophisticated 3D computer-modeling program to thoroughly document designs and to rationalize the bidding, fabrication, and construction processes.

Why Chose Us?

We listen carefully to our clients to provide a design in the context of their needs and the environment in which the building sits. Our solid track record of successful delivery of projects proves that our approach is a winning one.

We stand out by offering a holistic approach to the design of your project; ensuring your design aspirations are perfectly suited to your project environment.

  • Each of our designs is unique, to suit your needs;
    Our services are flexible to suit your project;
  • We offer a wide range of services, which ensures you receive the service you require;
  • We provide you with a clear fee agreement in writing which states the service we will provide for the fee you pay;
  • We have a wide range of experience over a large variety of building types;
  • We offer a project management service if your time is limited and you would like us to look after your project;
  • We will encourage you to adopt a low-energy and sustainable-materials strategy as part of your design to keep your operating and maintenance costs to a minimum for the lifetime of your project.

Your Dream House

Your dream house design is just a click away.